The Bond Oversight Committee (BOC) was organized under the authority of the Clark County School District’s Board of School Trustees in the late 1990’s. The committee is an independent body with some members directly appointed by the Trustees, representing and residing in their appointed districts. The remaining appointments include members in the following areas of expertise: Architecture/Engineering, Financial Management, Land Development, Public Works Administration, Labor, Construction Law, Construction, and one representative of the Superintendent of Schools.

The committee provides financial, bond, and investment oversight of the district’s capital improvement program to ensure accountability to the public. The BOC also monitors the compliance of the building program and makes recommendations on revisions to the capital improvement plans to the Board of Trustees.

The BOC meets on the third Thursday of each month, 11:30 a.m., at the CCSD Administrative Center, 5100 West Sahara Ave. Location is subject to change. To verify meeting time and location, please contact the CCSD Facilities Services Unit at (702) 799-0591, extension 5226.


Vacant, Chair

Alfonso Lopez, First Vice Chair

Jeana Blackman-Taylor Second Vice Chair

Byron Goynes

Nicole Lehman-Donadio

Robert Gurdison

Todd Petersen

Chad Konrad

Yvette Williams

Michael Flores

Abraham Camejo

David Flatt

Katie Williams, CCSD Board of School Trustee Liaison

2022 Meetings