The Clark County School District (CCSD) has adopted a program of phased replacements at a number of schools. During the mid-1990s, CCSD improved some of the oldest school campuses by adding classroom space, multi-purpose rooms, libraries, and other necessary learning spaces. Even with the new additions, older portions of these schools met the qualifications for replacement under CCSD Regulation 7112.


Instead of tearing down the entire school, including the newly added sections, the more mature components of the campus are reconstructed in stages until the older buildings have been replaced. The newer buildings are designed to match the additions, and when the project is complete, an entirely new school exists.

Phase 3 – Performing Arts Center

Construction Video

Phase 4 – Sports fields and site improvements

Construction Video

Phase 1 (Completed in 2005)

  • Classroom addition
  • Gymnasium addition


Phase 2 (Completed in 2017)

  • Additional classrooms
  • Administrative offices


Phase 3 (Completed in 2018)

  • Performing Arts Center


Phase 4 (Completed in 2018)

  • Fields and site improvements
construction video

Phase 1 (Completed in 2006)

  • Administrative offices
  • Multi-purpose room


Phase 2 

  • Completion of phased replacement of campus


Start of Construction: May 2018

Estimated Completion: 2019-2020 School Year

Designed to accommodate: 850 students

Current Estimated Cost: $27.7 million


Twin Lakes ES students, teachers, administrators, and staff have been relocated to a temporary campus at Wendell P. Williams ES for one school year.

Phase 1 (Completed in 2017)

  • New Gymnasium


Phase 2 (Estimated Completion 2020)

  • Elementary classrooms
  • Baseball and football fields

Phase 1 (Completed in 2012)

  • 2-story classroom building
  • Kitchen and student commons


Phase 2 (Estimated completion 2020)

  • Classrooms
  • Culinary
  • Graphics
  • Health Sciences
  • Administrative offices
  • Library
  • 250 student classroom addition, for teacher preparatory academy

Phase 1 (Completed in 2006)

  • Classrooms
  • Administrative offices


Phase 2 (Estimated completion 2021)

  • Completion of phased replacement of campus


Public Input Meetings


Thursday, May 2, 2019
6:00 PM


Mabel W. Hoggard Elementary School – Multi-Purpose Room
950 N. Tonopah Drive
Las Vegas, NV 89106


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